Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I can. Yes I can!

To this point, i have bragging endlessly about getting thinner and healtier and work out and towards perfect body. But never have i updated any success i've ever achieved. It is because, all the dieting to no avail. I am still me. My body remains its size without any changes.

However, the word "giving up" is never in my dictionary. So I'm starting over again. *insert pinky swear*

last week during my convocation, i met with my coarsemate who successfully become slim an beautiful!! i know her!! she's huge!! and now she looks so pwettyyyy!!! *jelous! she was fatter than me. So if she can, why cant i??
she's my biggest motivation. She only took 3 months to get to her ideal weight. I managed to interview her on her diet and routine. She did a strick diet - no rice, no oil, exercise 2hours a day, sleep without the fan on (which maybe i cannot be like her but i'll try my own stail)

Then i remembered a blogger who i used to read her blog everyday when i was 17. Cik Epal. i googled her. and to my biggest shock!! she, too, became very thin and healthy and beautiful!! WOW!! She used to be very fat!! i still remember... but now, she is like a total different person.
And so i quickly read her blog.... (after so many years) and found her diet recepies. Alhamdulillah they are very helpful. I am sooooo motivated right now..

The moment i wrote this post, I've already started dieting for 5 days. And InsyaAllah many days to come. I've written a diary on my menu so that i wont over eating and end up regretting.

so.. whoever reading this.. (or maybe nobody hihido motivate me as u could, so i wont fail again this time.

till we meet again. tata

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